Wealth Elevation is

A money mindset program like nothing you’ve ever experienced

A place where you can deeply and powerfully clear out the old money programming and stories you have, no matter how many generations back they’ve been told, and no matter how deeply you believe them now.

Move into an upgraded space where your new money story opens all the doors you thought were closed, or that have been open just a crack (enough so you can see in, but you just haven’t been able to get into the room).

Wealth Elevation is going to give you the opportunity to break through so you can manifest your big dreams (yes, even that really big one that you’re not sure is even possible).

We’re going to start this program being unconventional right now, so you don’t have to read an 8-foot squeeze page before seeing the price:

$1997  for approximately 10 hours of your precious time.
That’s about $200 an hour and if you don’t think you’re worth investing in yourself to that extent, you should definitely stop reading right now.

Still with me?

Great! I’m getting excited for us!!


Welcome to Wealth Elevation

What if you trusted that money would always be there?

What if you could have all of this… or whatever your own version looks like?

I don’t know whether you have $100,000 or $10M – the question isn’t how much money you need to feel secure. It’s how would it feel never to have to worry about money again because you knew money would always be there for you?

What if you felt like you could count on money, always and in all ways?

What if you never had to worry that there wouldn’t be enough?

Or that it would all be taken away from you?

Or, just as you thought you were going to “make it” something changed and you had to start all over?

Wouldn’t it be great to never even think about it because you knew money, wealth, and abundance were fully your birthright?

And to really enjoy each and every experience you desired, from a place where you felt both wealthy, and free.

The work I did with Halle was a GAME-CHANGER.

When we started working together I had almost given up on shifting a pesky mindset glitch/safety pattern that was negatively affecting my money, relationships, visibility. I had tried everything under the sun and it wasn’t budging.

After working together it is GONE, a permanent shift, doesn’t even cross my mind, DONE.

Now I have so much more time and energy freed up for my mission.

I make decisions quickly, I’m a better leader to my team and clients and my money is better than ever.

Plus, she was fiercely loving in holding a vision of my highest level self and work that up-leveled my global impact a thousandfold.

Halle, I’m so appreciative of the peace of mind that permeates my being from our work together.”


Danielle Hoffman

Owner, 7-Figure Spiritual Leader

Halle has been my coach for over 3 years and every year my income has grown. 

The first year it doubled to my first ever 6-figure year, the second year, it doubled, too! 

I also live in my dream house now – of course, I manifested it; it’s just because of the work we did together I was able to allow myself to be the person who had a dream home, the person who could call it in.

Now I hang out in my hot tub every night, looking up at the stars, and know that I deserve every moment, every breath.  I can’t wait to see what’s next!  


Shoshanna French Stokes 

Intuition Expert 

It’s time to reclaim your ideas around wealth 

You’re about to join a formidable community of women who share your mindset. Together, you’re embracing a fresh perspective on money, realizing that for over 3,000 years, you’ve been restricted from having, owning, and maintaining wealth.

Now is your moment to take back control on a personal level. It’s time to transform your connection with money, shattering old patterns and creating a lasting impact that future generations of women will appreciate.

The Deets


Wealth Elevation Coaching Sessions


Powerful, Deep Exercises to help you reclaim your birthright of wealth at the core


Shifts and Upgrades you will see and feel


Daily private Facebook group where you can tell Halle your issues as they come up


Video, Audio, and Transcripts for your favorite style of learning

YGA 14 | Out Of The Closet

“Halle’s mindset coaching is a gift from the Goddess! 

For the past few years, Halle has rocked our clients’ worlds – and their results – with mindset coaching that busts their paradigms around money and what’s possible.  Our clients consistently rave about her calls and turn those mindset breakthroughs into action that has them filling their Front Door Offers and enrolling clients in their 6 and 12-month programs at fees higher than they ever thought they could charge.

Of course, I trust Halle with my own mindset, too.  Halle is one of my go-to mindset leaders when I’m hitting my limit, or I just KNOW I have inner game that I need to shift.  I’ve done a lot of work on myself and know my patterns pretty well, and yet nonetheless Halle has, on more than one occasion, found the “hidden gems” that have been putting the brakes on.

The last time this happened, we had a six-figure influx shortly thereafter.

Halle shows up with caring, kindness, loving neutrality and a genuine desire for clients to succeed.  My favorite thing about her, though… is that her sense of possibility is TRULY off the chain.  In Halle’s world, there are ZERO limits.  There are very few people I can say that about, and Halle is one.  This is important, because as we know, BELIEF is rocket fuel when manifesting something bigger than you ever have before.  When you need someone to clear the way and then hold the space for you to just GO for it, Halle’s your woman.

The 7-Figure Goddess® community loves you, Halle – thank you!”


Elizabeth Purvis

CEO, 7-Figure Goddess and Creator of the Highest Level Leader Collective

Here’s What We’ll Cover

During Our Time Together


Burn It Down

This is our Foundation Module. We are going to trace the evolution of money from its past into its future, and we are going to look at women and money, including the exceptions. We will also ask some powerful questions about what you would like to do with your future when it comes to money. This is a safe, sacred space to explore and to begin to consider that the monetary system you always took for granted just might have been out to get you, especially once you are already successful.

Money, Honey

In this module, we’re going look at your ancestral money beliefs. We will travel back through the history of money to see how it developed and how much of it has changed. We will look at Rules for Money, and the different money rules for girls. Then we will do some powerful exercises for releasing your money beliefs and trauma.

Full Brain Workshop

This is where we turn your brain on. Instead of your brain resisting all these changes, we are going to make friends with your brain, see how you are causing your results to snag on your desires, and step into God’s Deli to see what you’ve been ordering. You will learn a simple yet powerful approach to shifting without frustration or resistance.

Money Upgrades –
Transformational Shifts

You know how you overwrite a computer with new software? This week we will install the upgrades you need to get you rolling down your wealth superhighway free of any encumbrances or obstacles. It’s time to truly reclaim your wealth, down to your DNA. Imagine the legacy you can leave your family, your favorite causes, the world – when you are able to call in the abundance you deserve. Its time to make that dream a reality.

Deepening the Shifts

We’ll be looking at how to manifest in simple, powerful ways, your future self, and creating the blueprint for your money future, because by this time you will be in a completely different place. And as you expand…you know the expression: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Imagine your future when you can really come from that place of expansion.

This is what other women who have bought wealth elavtion are saying

"I will be reviewing it again, but so much has already flooded through me and out of me. It's just wonderful. I'm implementing it already. "

"It's great., I really love it. You are doing the right thing. You were meant to do this work!"

"I finally just completed module 5. It brought me to tears. The JOY of all the words shared, tying so much I've done and learned already, to filling in gaps, to synchronistic reminders guiding me back to Spirit, trust, worth, God... and ALL there is still to receive."

"I feel overjoyed at the sense and shift this has made in me. I honour you and I thank you."

"When I was doing one of the wealth exercises today, money said "I want to be freed. To dance and flow with everyone. I want to play and soar!"

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A Message From Halle.

My greatest joy is in answering the calling to set the world alight with fires of possibility.

Look, it took me a long time to claim my own power.  I had to leave a relationship of nearly 25 years, and move 3000 miles across the country to step into this work.  When they say, “leap and the net will appear” no one tells you that you might be in freefall for a while first.   Yet, no regrets.  This is the work I am meant to do in the world.

I’m excited to invite you to join me here as we usher in a new wave of money energy, as women reclaim their sovereign right to wealth and power.

Click join now if you’re ready to make these changes in your life.